A dietary evaluation is required as part of our surgical process. It is an important step to ensure success in our program. Together with our Registered Dieticians you will be able to identify current dietary problems, but also begin to develop a new plan to meet dietary guidelines preoperatively and postoperatively. Our office staff will refer you to our Registered Dieticians at your surgical consultation appointment. Other potential required consultations may include but not limited to; Cardiology, Pulmonology, Immunology, Endocrinology, and other specialties.








Success is often driven by proper planning, having a supportive network and accountability. This can be done individually or in a group setting. There are many ways to record what one eats from a simple hand written journal, a detailed excel spread sheet or using a Food Journal App. Go to our forms page and download out food journal PDFS




Over the counter or special medically supervised meal replacement products are used depending on individual patient needs. Ventura Bariatrics helps each individual patient figure out which meal replacement strategy might suit them at any one time.




Part of mindful eating is to learn to read labels, menus and general food composition while setting into motion how to utilize this knowledge into one’s busy life style and one’s family preferences as well. Holiday planning is important. Ventura Bariatrics utilizes the expertise of the registered dieticians at Ventura Bariatrics to provide meaningful weight loss strategies and goals.




Ventura Bariatrics will aim to provide the highest level of care possible as you strive to achieve a healthy and better quality of life. We encourage continued follow up with your primary care physician to help manage your general health.Support groups, both at our hospital and online, are not only requirements but vital in your weight loss success. We encourage your involvement in our program both preoperatively and postoperatively.






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